Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Made it through

Happy to report that we made it through the storm with no damage.

Got my internet turned back on but really wish it was DSL instead of HughesNet. I had to downgrade to the Home package (lowest pkg @ $59.99/month) and talk about sloowwww! I hate trying to play Farmville and Restuarant City on Facebook, but since those are two of my favorite games, I perservere.

I read Shiloh Walker's Always Yours last night. I loved the story! But I also can't wait to read No Longer Mine also by Ms Walker. It seems like that's the next story but feels a little backwards seeing as how the main characters in No Longer Mine are married in Always Yours. But oh well, I don't mind...I wanted to know Nikki's story anyway. So yes I have added a new book to my ever-growing TBR pile.

Friday, October 15, 2010

What to read?

        I have been on the search for something good to read for the last month. I want    something that doesn't make me fall asleep. I want something with a lot of gratuitous male/male sex in it. But I also want a plot line that the author sticks to more that 25% of the time. I want a love story that makes me wish I was in the middle of the relationship or that I had the same type of love in my life. I wanna be blown away by the descriptions.

       Is that too much to ask? Do any of you know of some great books I could try?