Saturday, June 18, 2011

Free MOTT’S for TOTS for Vocal Point members

Vocalpoint is offering its members a FREE Sample & Coupon of Mott's for Tots. Sign up / sign in to grab yours!

Mott's for Tots® has 40% less sugar than 100% apple juice.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My New Kindle Only Cost Me $6.58!

Last week, thanks to Swagbucks I was able to buy an Amazon Kindle w/WiFi & 3G ($189 value) for only $6.58!!! is a search engine that pays you to search using their search engine. You can win anywhere from 5 - 50 bucks in a day multiple time. My favorite way to redeem the swag bucks has been to get Amazon Gift cards (450 bucks = $5 AGC).

I have already loaded over 600 books onto the Kindle and am finding it amazingly easy to use. I love the e-ink feature. The text is so clear even in direct sunlight. I am now in need of a book light so I can read at night.

Now that I have my Kindle, I think I will start turning my swag bucks into CVS gift cards. Yes, I said CVS gift cards!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

05/02 CVS Shopping Trip

Okay here's the skinny:

A friend gave me $4 in ECBs & $10 the phone number tied to her card to spend for her because she could not go. She wanted to be surprised by what I could do so did not give me a specific list of what she wanted.

With these three things in hand, I decided to go by CVS yesterday to see what I could spend the $$ on. After scanning my card at the red coupon box at the front of the store, I walked around. I noticed that if you bought Charmin Basic you'd get $1 ECB back. With the $4 ECB, I'd be spending $.99 and getting back $1. So in my cart the 12 pk of tissue went.

Then I thought, now what am I gonna spend this $1 ECB on when I get it. My friend doesn't want it back. So to the oral care aisle I went. There were 3 Colgate MaxFresh toothpastes ($2.77, get back $2.77 - limit 2) left. I stood there thinking for a minute. I thought to myself  "I know I have a coupon for $.75 off any colgate. With the $1 ECB & the $.75 q, I'll only be spending $1.02 for toothpaste. But if I buy that, I'll end up with another $2.77 in ECBs, which I can use to buy another toothpaste." So I grabbed two.

Off to the cashier I went.

Transaction 1...Up goes the TP.
$4.99 sale price
(3.00) CVS ECB
(1.00) CVS ECB
$0.99 Subtotal
$0.07 Tax
$1.06 TOTAL OOP, Got $1 ECB back

Transaction 2...Up goes one Colgate.
$2.77 sale price
(1.00) CVS ECB...I always give the ECB/CVS coupons before the manufacturer coupons
(0.75) Colgate q
$1.02 Subtotal
$0.19 Tax
$1.21 TOTAL OOP, Got $2.77 ECB back

Transaction 3...Up goes 2nd Colgate...had to add in 2 filler items because my total would have been in I grabbed 2 bags of Cheetos.
$2.77 sale price
$0.33 Cheetos
$0.33 Cheetos
(2.77) CVS ECB...always give the ECB/CVS coupons before the manufacturer coupons
(0.75) Colgate q
(0.09) Subtotal
$0.24 Tax
$0.15 TOTAL OOP, Got $2.77 ECB back

So here I am thinking " I got another $2.77 to spend. I don't want to get anymore ECBs back. I am through. I looked around and decided to spend the $2.77 on more Cheetos for the kiddies snack. So I grabbed $3.00 worth of Cheetos (9 bags).

Transaction 4...Up goes the 9 bags of Cheetos.
$0.33 * 9 = $2.97 sale price
(2.77) CVS ECB
$0.20 Subtotal
$0.21 Tax
$0.41 TOTAL OOP...Out prints my receipt. The cashier says "You got $3 ECB back." I said "WHAT!?' Looked on the back of the chip bag and it says Frito Lay. Dang! Okay! Okay! Now I have $3 to get rid off? Thought for a minute and then noticed the Nestle Pure Life water. Asked cashier if the water was giving ECBs. She said no. I said "Okay, let me grab a few more chips to get my ECBs up to $5.

Transaction 5...Up goes $2.00 worth of Cheetos (6 bags)
$0.33 * 6 = $1.98 sale price (only needed 4 to get the $2 to print, forgot I had already bought 2 in Trans 3)
$1.98 Subtotal
$0.14 Tax
$2.12 TOTAL OOP, Got $2.00 ECB back

Transaction 6...Up goes 2 - 24 packs Nestle Pure Life Water
$3.49 * 2 = $6.98
(3.00) CVS ECB
(2.00) CVS ECB
$1.98 Subtotal
$0.49 Tax

Thursday, April 21, 2011

R.I.P. Josh...You will be missed...

Just lost one of my favorite cousins today in a car accident. Three of the other four ppl involved are listed in critical condition. Of the other four victims, 2 are my aunt and another cousin. They are mother and sister to the cousin who died in the accident.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's Your Favorite Facebook Game, Part Duex

Well, here I am with an update on my earlier "Enter At Your Own Risk" blog post about the Facebook game survey on Swagbucks.

After putting in a where's my swagbucks request, I recieved the 45 Swagbucks earlier this week. Yay!

Monday, January 24, 2011

What's your favorite facebook game?

Swagbucks has a survey out for 45 Swag Bucks titled What's Your Favorite Facebook Game. You have to choose between Mafia Wars, Farmville & Frontier Ville. At the time of this posting, Farmville was ahead by 10%. After going to countless offers, I finally made it to the Final Screen (see pic above). I sat back to wait for my 45 Swag to hit my account.

I completed the survey on 01/21/2011. It should have been a 15-30 minute wait for my bucks. It is now 01/24/2011 and I have not seen the payout yet. I am posting this so as to say, "Try this one at your own risk".

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

CVS just keeps getting better all the time!!!

Exciting News!!!

CVS launched the ExtraCare Care Beauty Club today.

As a member of this club you will enjoy many perks like:

  •  10% off beauty shopping pass after enrollment...Prints on receipt and is good for three (3) days only!!!

  • $5 Extra Bucks for every $50 spent on qualifying beauty purchases...Need to buy

  • $3 Extra Bucks as a birthday gift...CAN'T WAIT TIL APRIL!!

Plus if you join ONLINE today or tomorrow (1/5-1/6) you can be entered to win a trip to the 2012 People’s Choice Awards and $500 in beauty products. No purchase necessary to join online.