Thursday, June 9, 2011

My New Kindle Only Cost Me $6.58!

Last week, thanks to Swagbucks I was able to buy an Amazon Kindle w/WiFi & 3G ($189 value) for only $6.58!!! is a search engine that pays you to search using their search engine. You can win anywhere from 5 - 50 bucks in a day multiple time. My favorite way to redeem the swag bucks has been to get Amazon Gift cards (450 bucks = $5 AGC).

I have already loaded over 600 books onto the Kindle and am finding it amazingly easy to use. I love the e-ink feature. The text is so clear even in direct sunlight. I am now in need of a book light so I can read at night.

Now that I have my Kindle, I think I will start turning my swag bucks into CVS gift cards. Yes, I said CVS gift cards!!!

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