Thursday, September 23, 2010


Site Problem Update 0 9/23/10 1:30 pm PT
Posted by The Swag Guy
at 9/23/2010 01:26:00 PM

Dear Loyal Swaggernauts-We are aware the Swagbucks site continues to cycle up and down. We are working to resolve this problem but it may take longer than first anticipated, it could be up to 72 hours before we are sure.

First and foremost, your accounts are safe! You will not lose any SBs from your account. We will make it up to you when we can be sure the site is stable again. We really appreciate your patience during this time.

We WILL have normal service again and are not going away.

Please help TSG and repost this blog so those just joining the fun know that we are working on a solution.

We will inform you all through facebook, twitter and this blog when the site is stable again. -TSG

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